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usb converter to rs232 :
usb converter to rs232 :

USB - RS232

This is a solution to bridge the gap between today's computers and traditional devices.

A DB~9 to DB~25 adapter can complete the connection.
The \plug~and~play\ or \hot connection\ allows the adapter to be plugged in and removed without restarting the computer.

A USB adapter to RS232 connects serial devices with 9 pins (DB9) or 25 pins (DB25) to a PC with a USB port.
The cable connects directly to the computer's serial device.

U S B To RS 232
RED 2 To brown 2

electronic card of a usb converter rs232
electronic card of a usb converter rs232


If a Bootloader or D~USBLOGG is connected to the PC via a USB cable, the PC automatically recognizes a new hardware component and automatically starts the hardware assistant in case no driver has yet been installed for that device.

If the assistant is not automatically loaded, the installation can also be started manually. as long as the device is connected to the PC and the drivers are not fully installed,
The converter then appears in the Windows Device Manager in the form of \XXX USB UART\ with an exclamation mark in one of the lists \Other Devices,\ \Ports\ (COM and LPT) or \USB Controller.\
The installation can be started manually.

A USB to series adapter offers a solution to connect old or industrial RS232 series devices to a laptop or desktop via the USB port, thus eliminating the cost of upgrading serial devices for the purpose of Compatibility.

physical wiring usb to rs232
physical wiring usb to rs232


This solution is economical and saves time, the adapter keeps the COM port values series assigned in a non~volatile memory, allowing to automatically reassign the same values to the serial ports provided by the adapter.

In case of disconnect, then reconnect or disconnect it from one USB port to reinstall it in another.

use of a usb converter rs32
use of a usb converter rs32


The USB toRS232 adapter is a versatile connectivity solution compatible with Win98/2000/XP/Vista operating systems as well as MAC OS 10.4 and later versions.